Lancashire rubber moulders of rubber moulding components

About us

We manufacture rubber components in both natural and synthetic rubber materials operating to procedures which involve our working from our customers’ designs or product samples to produce tooling and manufacture the finished product.

Our manufacturing systems involve Compression Moulding, a traditional process which ensures a high quality product, and Transfer Moulding etc.

Working in every business sector, our rubber components cover a vast range of product types and industries, and it’s fair to say that it’s our flexibility and willingness to tackle this variety of requirements which has kept us ahead of our own industry.

To help understand our capability, we can offer a typical listing of the more standard rubber mouldings we produce, in both natural and synthetic rubber materials:

Gaskets Bungs Grommets
O Rings Diaphragms Dampers
Seals Rubber Feet Buffers
Bellows Suckers Rubber Blocks
Washers Gaiters Rubber Balls

We can also cut gaskets / washers and supply various forms of Rubber Matting. We also provide a rubber to metal bonding service. Every one of our products is moulded to meet a unique specification!

We have built on our experience of successfully producing this wide range of routine mouldings by extending our services to include the manufacture of bespoke and prototype rubber mouldings to our customers’ specific requirements. An all-encompassing moulding facility for every application.

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